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Westlake Village Plumbing offers a huge array of plumbing services such as hot water heater repairs, plumbing water heaters, and water heater plumbing. Home owners and businesses alike will feel confident in choosing Westlake Village Plumbing because our services are thorough and efficient. Don’t hesitate to call 800-729-8149 to get an estimate or inquire about our services.

If you have any need of hot water heater repairs or water heater plumbing, rely on us to fix your plumbing issues. The types of water heaters we have expertise include but are not limited to storage water heaters, demand or instantaneous water heaters, heat pump water heaters, indirect water heaters and solar water heaters. Storage Water Heaters Storage water heaters are the most common type used in the United States. There are varying sizes, fueled by electricity, use natural gas, propane or oil. Common problems with Storage water heaters is lack of water, lack of hot water, water being too hot, rusty tank, dirty water, and hard water contaminant build up.

Demand or Instantaneous Water Heaters are similar to the storage water heaters except for the fact they don’t store water. Common problems that cause Demand Water Heaters to break are mineral build-up, corrosion, demand overload (exhausting the system), and combustion shutdown. Heat Pump Water Heaters heats air near the unit using refrigerant fluid and compressors.

Westlake Village Plumbing can help install and repair Indirect Water Heaters. Indirect Water Heaters use the home’s boiler or furnace as the heat source. Indirect Water Heaters usually need plumbers to fix the inconsistent temperatures and installation. Westlake Village Plumbing’s technicians will be happy to answer any questions. Solar Water Heaters heaters are usually used before storage water heaters or water heaters requiring a startup time. Solar Water Heaters use the sun to warm water and produce heat.

Westlake Village Plumbing has 72 years of plumbing experience and knows how to take of your problems. Make that phone call now to 800-729-8149.